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The Process

Did you know?

We offer free estimates. Just send us an email with your ideas or visit our showroom and consult with the salesperson. We will provide an estimate and a hand-drawn diagram/layout.

When comparing quotes, keep in mind you get what you pay for and ensure sure you compare oranges to oranges. Our prices are very competitive and ensure you receive outstanding value.

Pride Kitchens specializes in customized, personalized manufactured cabinetry, not a mass produced cookie cutter style. If you are looking for cabinets that are unique and reflect your personality we have you covered.

We are environmentally conscious. Products we use have lower than the standard of industry requirements. If there is a particular product you wish to use, we will do everything possible to accommodate your requirements.

Wood ages over time, resulting in darkening of colour/stain. There are products available to "give your woodwork a face-lift", rejuvenating the finish and slowing the process of darkening.

We use top quality SALICE Hardware from Italy with a Lifetime Warranty and replace the broken hardware for free but may charge a small fee for labor.

We have all you need for that dream kitchen or other cabinetry project. With an extensive range of door styles, hardware to match, stain colours or natural finishes, we can suit your taste and accommodate your budget.

We offer lots of choices, including colours, stains, wood types, methods of finishes, Thermofoil or Polyester Membranes (more heat resistant). We provide solid colour lacquer finishes on MDF and use PROCRAFT as our supplier for stains. Countertops can be made of Quartz, Granite, Corian, Butcher Block or Laminate.

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What is involved? What can you expect?

We want to help you gain a better understanding how we work. If you seek more information, please contact us and we will be happy to explain.

How do I get started?

Suggestions and considerations:

  • Brainstorm ideas: Likes and dislikes.
  • Make a list of negotiable and "nice" but not necessarily required.
    • What styles do you like?
      Traditional/contemporary or perhaps ultra modern?
    • Think about how you want to use the space.
      If its a kitchen, is there going to be only one cook in the house?
    • Would you want to have a space to eat in? Would it be around a kitchen island or a breakfast nook?
    • Would you want a little desk area?
    • Would your kitchen be part of an entertainment area?
    • Would you like an open room concept or keep it separate?
    • How about a Pantry?
    • Do you have particular environmental concerns? Write down your concerns and questions and those of every household member that will be using the kitchen or whatever the project is.
  • Search the Internet for images. Just type an idea into Google (such as "Open Concept Kitchen") and then click on the 'Images' option. Click on a thumbnail, right click the larger image and choose "Save Image As". Save it to your computer and email it to us.
  • Visit our Ideabooks on Houzz for inspiration.
  • Take photos the next time you see a design you like.
  • Collect photos from magazines.

Determine your budget

All decisions and choices depend on the budget. We guide you in getting the most value for your money and help navigate you through the choices and compromises that best suit your wants and needs. When determining a budget, you should split your wish list into two categories: Negotiable needs/wants versus Non-negotiable. We make you aware of all considerations and show you the best options and alternatives.

  • For restricted budgets, think about what do you need the absolute most over what you want.
  • Don't shy away from expressing your dreams because you never know till you ask what the possibilities are.
  • Be flexible for some give and take and negotiation. You seldom can fit every idea you have into one space.
  • Consider the added value to your home the project will provide. Ask yourself:
    • Are you doing this work simply to add resale value and you won't actually be living in this home for very long or are you doing this for your living comfort and function in the home for a considerable amount of time?


The initial meeting is one of a "get to know you" for both parties. Its a step by step process of us to get to know your likes, dislikes, style preferences, the essentials you need to compliment your lifestyle etc. Its also a time for you to learn what we can offer within the parameters of your budget. It possibly could take a couple of visits to talk everything through. As mentioned before, we have formatted several forms that get filled out during the discussions to keep everybody on point.

You'll quickly find we are a friendly bunch. Come over to our Manufacturing Plant and see where it all happens.

Our Consultant will take the details/ideas from the initial consultation and draw up a Floor Plan that is an overhead view of the room. No computerized design is done at this point. With the Floor Plan an approximate cost would be provided.

Proposal & work agreement

Quotes are only given in person. During the second consultation, the floor plan would be looked at and discussed. This would be a rough drafted plan. After this visit, you would have to make the decision whether or not you would like us to proceed any further. If your decision is to hire us, then the next step the consultant proceeds to do a computerized design with a detailed breakdown of costs and lobar. A small retainer is obtained by us. Then about a week prior to the beginning of actual manufacturing, a deposit is collected and a contract will be signed between you and Pride Kitchens.

Design of your cabinets

You are going to be spending a lot of time looking at and living with your cabinets. They are not easily replaced like a piece of furniture so you want to carefully consider your choices. You should also keep in mind resale value of the home. You need to aim for a balance of attractive appearance, style, practicality and function, smooth flow of workspace, etc.

At first it can feel like information overload but we are here to help every step of the way.


The final step has arrived! Pride Kitchens has a unique method we have perfected over the years for installing our cabinetry. Too many technical details to explain here but we want you to know that we do things nobody else ever bothers with. All these details make a huge difference in the end result. Our installations are usually done by in-house staff but when we contract the work out, we have high standards and strict guidelines the contractor has to adhere to. Unless it is a particularly large job, it usually takes only about a week to properly get your kitchen in place.

By the time we're done, you will feel it was worth all the planning and efforts!

Peace of mind

After all the planning, all the sorting through ideas and pictures, figuring out options, working out a budget, researching, all those many decisions, it all comes down to that moment when you step into the room and say, "This is beautiful. This is exactly what I wanted. It was worth all the effort. Every bit!" Now you just need to enjoy the benefits of a job well done.

We stand behind our products and workmanship and invite you to review our vast portfolio and comments from our happy clients.